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Our knowledge is powered by 18 patents and over 32 years of experience designing and producing the best spa support products in the hot tub industry.

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A new dimension in hydrotherapy: Rollassage™ adds true massage to your spa's buoyancy and warm water. Water jets deliver water pressure, Rollassage™ provides direct contact: 3 rotating balls act like rotating knuckles to gently but firmly rub down those tired and overworked muscles; Rollassage™ helps loosen up the knots and relieve tension. Rollassage™ may be installed to provide invigorating work out for the tight lower back, the stiff shoulder blades, the stiff base of the neck with no water splashing over the spa and, most of all, it massages those overworked and aching feet combining the effect of having a massage in hot water and the science of "reflexology" . Rollassage™ has been designed with the spa user in mind: the massaging mechanism is removable from within the spa for easy service if needed.


Rollassage Spa Massager   Rollassage Spa Massager
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Rollassage™ installation instructions as recommended by Acura Spa Systems, Inc.

  1. Drill hole in spa shell using a 3.75" hole saw (make sure shell hole is prefectly round).
  2. Unscrew turbine housing (p/n: RL1-32x) from main housing (p/n: RL1-11x) by rotating counter clockwise.
  3. Unscrew main housing nut (p/n: RL1-xxx) from main housing (p/n: RL1-11x) by rotating counter clockwise.
  4. Make sure housing seal (p/n: RL1-12x) is properly installed on main housing and spa surface is flat around housing seal area.
  5. Insert Rollassage™ assembly through the 3.75" shell hole.
  6. Install plastic washer (p/n: RL1-xxx) from the back of the spa shell to a flat surface.
  7. Secure Rollassage™ assembly using main housing nut (p/n: RL1-11x). Use silicone or loctite on the main housing threads before securing main housing nut.
  8. Make sure that O-ring is installed on main housing (add marine lubricant on O-ring if necessary).
  9. Secure turbine housing to main housing by rotating clockwise. Use silicone or a little loctite on the main housing thread before securing turbine housing. HAND TIGHTEN ONLY!
  10. Connect and glue PVC pipe from the pump discharge to turbine housing (part number RL1-32x).
  11. Connect and glue PVC pipe from turbine housing to an open drain.
  12. Water flow must be in the direction of arrow marked on turbine housing.
  13. Recommended operating pressure range 12 to 18 psi.
  14. On/Off valve must be installed in turbine housing water flow path and within spa bather reach in order to operate the Rollassage™ at different speeds and also act as a shut off valve.

We have supplied thousands of Aquassage for hot tubs made by Dolphin Spas.
We have supplied thousands of Aquassage for hot tubs made by Hydromax.
We have supplied thousands of Aquassage for hot tubs made by Islander Spas.
We have supplied thousands of Aquassage for hot tubs made by Life Spas.
We have supplied thousands of Aquassage for hot tubs made by Regal Spas.
We have supplied thousands of Aquassage for hot tubs made by VitaSpas.
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**Beating competitor's price: We will meet or beat any competitor's written quotation for hardware of the same capability, such as: plumbing size, voltage, motor horsepower, motor 1 or 2-speed, heater length, safety test report, etc.

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